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Simple Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers Set6

1. what is boucholz relay and the significance of it in to the transformer?
Boucholz relay is a device which is used for the protection of transformer from its internal faults, it is a gas based relay. whenever any internal fault occurs in a transformer, the boucholz relay at once gives a horn for some time, if the transformer is isolated from the circuit then it stop its sound itself other wise it trips the circuit by its own tripping mechanism.

2. What is SF6 Circuit Breaker?
SF6 is Sulpher hexa Flouride gas.. if this gas is used as arc quenching medium in a Circuitbreaker means SF6 CB.

3. What is frantic effect?
Output voltage is greater than the input voltage or receiving end voltage is greater than the sending end voltage.

4. What is meant by insulation voltage in cables? explain it?
It is the property of a cable by virtue of it can withstand the applied voltage without rupturing it is known as insulation level of the cable.

5. Why we do 2 types of earthing on transformer (ie:)body earthing & neutral earthing , what is function. i am going to install a oo kva transformer & 380 kva DG set what should the earthing value?
The two types of earthing are Familiar as Equipment earthing and system earthing. In Equipment earthing: body ( non conducting part)of the equipment shouldd be earthed to safegaurd the human beings.system Earthing : In this neutral of the supply source ( Transformer or Generator) should be grounded. With this,in case of unbalanced loading neutral will not be that unbalanced voltages will not arise. We can protect the equipment also. With size of the equipment( transformer or alternator)and selection of relying system earthing will be further classified into directly earthed,Impedance earthing, resistive (NGRs) earthing.

6. What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, Where it can be used?
MCB is miniature circuit breaker which is thermal operated and use for short circuit protection in small current rating circuit. MCCB moulded case circuit breaker and is thermal operated for over load current and magnetic operation for instant trip in short circuit condition.under voltage and under frequency may be inbuilt. Normally it is used where normal current is more than 100A.

7. Where should the lighting arrestor be placed in distribution lines?
Near distribution transformers and out going feeders of 11kv and incomming feeder of 33kv and near power transformers in sub-stations.

8. Define IDMT relay?
It is an inverse definite minimum time relay.In IDMT relay its operating is inversely proportional and also a characteristic of minimum time after which this relay operates.It is inverse in the sense ,the tripping time will decrease as the magnitude of fault current increase.

9. What are the transformer losses?
TRANSFORMER LOSSES - Transformer losses have two sources-copper loss and magnetic loss. Copper losses are caused by the resistance of the wire (I2R). Magnetic losses are caused by eddy currents and hysteresis in the core. Copper loss is a constant after the coil has been wound and therefore a measurable loss. Hysteresis loss is constant for a particular voltage and current. Eddy-current loss, however, is different for each frequency passed through the transformer.

60. What is the count of hvdc transmission lines in India?
Resolution:At present there are three hvdc transmission lines in india
1)chandrapur to padghe(mumbai)--(100 MW at ±00 kV DC)
2)rehand to delhi (100 MW at ±00 kV DC)
3)talchal to kolar (200 MW)


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