Monday, 15 July 2013

4 Tricky Interview Questions of All Time - Everyone Should Know

4 Tricky Interview Questions of all time

1) Tell me about yourself?
=> The interviewer is looking for how you will benefit their company.
Tips :
i) Keep your answers short and simple.
ii) Elaborate on experiences & goals relating to the applied position
iii) Summarize your resume & talk about transitions in employment.

2) Why did you leave your previous job?
=> Understanding how & why you decided to move on from the previous company.
Tips :
i) If you have a job, say you're "seeking a greater opportunity".
ii) Got fired? Say that you "parted ways" & change the topic to your accomplishments.
iii) Laid off? Then it's okay to say it's recession related.

3) What is your range of Salary?
=> Making sure if you are selling yourself too high or selling yourself too short.
i) Always say negotiable.
ii) Find out what others are making w/ the same position
iii) Research, Research, Research..!

4) What are your goals for the future?
=> Allows the interviewer to determine if you are a fit for their company.
i) Explain that you want to excel and be known for your skills.
ii) Mention how you see yourself having more responsibilities w/in the company.
iii) Give examples of positive results that you will make.


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