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Power Systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Electrical Engineering MCQ's

1.     An industrial consumer hall a daily load pattern of 2000 KW, 0.8 lag for 12 Hra and 1000 kW UPF for 1J Hr. The load factor i= _____.
(a) 0.5    
(b) 0.75
(c) 0.6    
(d) 2.0

Ans: c

2.     What is the maximum value of a load which consume 500 KWh per day at a load factor of 0.40, if the consumer increases the load factor of 0.50 without increasing the maximum demand?    
(a) 52.08 kW    
(b) 50.8 kW
(c) 4.5 kW    
(d) 60 kW

Ans: a

3.     A consumer consume. 600 kWh per day at a load factor of 0.40. If the coneumer increases the load factor of 0.70 without increasing the maximum demand, what is the consumption of energy in kWh
(a) 950 kWh    
(b) 1000 kWh
(c) 1050 kWh    
(d) 1100 kWh

Ans: c

4. The yearly load duration curve of a power plant is a straight line. The maximum load is 750 MW and the minimum load is 600 Mw. The capacity of the plant is 900 MW. What is the capacity factor and utilization factor?
(a) 0.56,0.80    
(b) 0.83,0.75
(c) 0.78, 0.9    
(d) 0.75, 0.83

Ans: d

5. What is the utilization factor of a power station which supplies the following loads?
Load A:  Motor load of200 kW between 10 AM to7PM
Load B : Lighting load of 100 kW between 7 PM to 11 PM
Load C : Pumping load of 110 kW between 3 PM to 10 AM

(a) 1.60
(c) 1.00
(b) 1.32
(d) 2.56

Ans: b

6. A power station supplies the peak load of 60 Mw, 40 MW and 70 MW to three localities. The annual load factor is 0.50 p.u. and the diversity factor of the load at the station is 1.55. The maximum demand on the station and average load respectively will be
(a) 120 MW, 60.8    
(b) 90 MW, 50.6
(c) 103.2 MW, 51.61
(d) 100 MW, 0.51

Ans: c

 7. The load duration curve for a system, is shown in the figure below. The load factor will be


(a) 0.83 
(b) 0.96
(c) 0.67
(d) 0.50

Ans: a

8. A generating station has a maximum demand of 50 Mw, a load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 45% and if the plant while running as per schedule, were fully loaded. The daily energy produced will be
(a) 400 MW    
(b) 720 MW
(c) 500 MW    
(d) 600 MW
Ans: b

9. A generating st ation has a maximum, demand of 20 mW, load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 50% and a plant
Use factor of 72%. What is the reserve capacity of the plant, if the plant, while running as per schedule, were fully loaded?
(a) 10 MW    
(b) 15 MW
(c) 2 MW    
(d) 5 MW
Ans: d

10. In the above question, the maximum energy that could be produced daily is
(a) 500 MWhlday    
(b) 360 MWhIday
(c) 600 MWhlday    
(d) 720 MWhlday
Ans: a

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