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Tunnel Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced pdf free download

 1. Circular section of tunnels is not suitable for
a)    carrying water
b)    non-cohesive soils
c)    tunnels driven by shield method
d)    placement of concrete lining

Ans: d

2. What is the correct sequence of the following events of construction of a shaft in rock ?
1.    drilling and blasting
2.    timbering
3.    pumping
4.    mucking
Select the correct answer usiny the codes given below Codes :
a)    1,2,3,4
b)    1,4,2,3
c)    2,1,4,3
d)    2,4,1,3

Ans: b

3. A good blast with a good yield is obtained if the cut hole is
a)    normal to face
b)    inclined at 45° to the face
c)    inclined at 15° to the face
d)    inclined at 30° to the face

Ans: b

4. As compared to a single free face, if a charge of explosive is placed equidistant from two faces, then the yield
a)    remains same
b)    decreases
c)    increases by 2.25 times
d)    increases by 3.5 times

Ans: c

5.    Which of the following are percussion drills ?
(i)   shot drill
(ii)  diamond drill
(iii) wagon drill
(iv)  churn drill Of these statements
a)    (i) and (ii) are correct
b)    (iii) and (iv) are correct
c)    (i) and (iv) are correct
d)    (ii) and (iii) are correct

Ans: b

6.    Drifters can be used to drill
a)    only up holes
b)    only down holes
c)    horizontal or up holes
d)    horizontal, down or up holes

Ans: d

7. If 'N' is the number of shafts used, then the total number of feces available for attacking the excavation and construction in tunnels are
a)    2N
b)    N + 2
c)    2 N + 1
d)    2 N + 2

 Ans: d

8.    The correct sequence of drilling equipment for increasing size of holes in tunnels is
a)    wagon drill, churn drill, shot drill
b)    wagon drill, shot drill, churn drill
c)    shot drill, churn drill, wagon drill
d)    churn drill, wagon drill, shot drill

Ans: a

9.    Which of the following is not a component of the shield ?
a)    propelling jacks
b)    liner plate
c)    hood
d)    tail

Ans: b

10.    In compressed air tunneling, the volume of free air provided is
a)    6 mJ per second per m2 of face area
b)    6 m3 per minute per m2 of face area
c)    20 m3 per minute per m2 of face area
d)    6 m3 per hour per m2 of face area

Ans: b

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