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Transmission and Distribution Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1. By which of the following systems electric power may be transmitted ?
(a)    Overhead system
(b)    Underground system
(c)    Both (a) and (b)
(d)    None of the above
Ans: c

2    are the conductors, which connect the consumer's terminals to the distribution
(a)     Distributors     
(b)     Service mains
(c)    Feeders
(d)    None of the above
Ans: b

3.    The underground system cannot be operated above
(a)     440 V   
(b)     11 kV
(c)     33 kV   
(d)     66 kV
Ans: d
4.    Overhead system can be designed for operation upto
(a)    11 kV   
(b)    33 kV
(c)    66 kV   
(d)    400 kV
Ans: c

5.    If variable part of annual cost on account of interest and depreciation on the capital outlay is equal to the
annual cost of electrical energy wasted in the conductors, the total annual cost will be minimum and the corresponding size of conductor will be most economical. This statement is known as
(a)    Kelvin's law     
(b)    Ohm's law
(c)    Kirchhoffs law
(d)    Faraday's law
(e)    none of the above
Ans: a

6.    The wooden poles well impregnated with creosite oil or any preservative compound have life
(a)    from 2 to 5 years
(b)    10 to 15 years
(c)    25 to 30 years
(d)    60 to 70 years
Ans: c

7.    Which of the following materials is not used for transmission and distribution of electrical power ?
(a)     Copper   
(b)     Aluminium
(c)     Steel   
(d)     Tungsten
Ans: d

8.    Galvanised steel wire is generally used as
(a)     stay wire   
(b)     earth wire
(c)    structural components
(d)    all of the above
Ans: d

9.    The usual spans with R.C.C. poles are
(a)    40—50 metres
(b)    60—100 metres
(c)    80—100 metres
(d)    300—500 metres
Ans: c

10.    The corona is considerably affected by which of the following ?
(a) Size of the conductor
(b) Shape of the conductor
(c) Surface condition of the conductor
(d) All of the above
Ans: d

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in auto x'mer tapchanging provide in high voltage side
que. 95 the angular displacement due to reactance of interconneter

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