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Strength of Materials - Civil Engineering Questions and Answers pdf free download

1.    Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
a)    longitudinal stress to     longitudinal strain
b)    shear stress to shear strain
c)    stress to strain
d)    stress to volumetric strain

Ans: b

2.    If the Young's modulus of elasticity of a material is twice its modulus of rigidity, then the Poisson's ratio of the material is
a)    -1
b)    -0.5
c)    0.5
d)    zero

Ans: d

3.    Limit of proportionality depends upon
a)    area of cross-section
b)    type of loading
c)    type of material
d)    all of the above
Ans: c

4.    For an isotropic, homogeneous and elastic material obeying Hooke's law, number of independent elastic constants is
a)    2
b)    3
c)    9
d)    1   
Ans: a

5.    In a thin cylindrical shell, the ratio of longitudinal stress to hoop stress is
a)    0.5
b)    1
c)    2
d)    4
Ans: c

6.    If all the dimensions of a prismatic bar are doubled, then the maximum stress produced in it under its own weight will
a)    decrease
b)    remain unchanged
c)    increase to two times
d)    increase to four times
Ans: c

7.    The relationship between Young's, modulus of elasticity E, bulk modulus K and Poisson's ratio u is given by
a)    E = 2K(l-2u.)
b)    E = 3K(l + u)
c)    E = 3K(l-2u)
d)    E = 2K(l + u)
Ans: c

8.    Limiting values of Poisson's ratio are
a)    - 1 and 0.5
b)    -land-0.5
c)    1 and - 0.5
d)    0 and 0.5
Ans: a

9.    The elongation of a conical bar under its own weight is equal to
a)    that of a prismatic bar of same length
b)    one half that of a prismatic bar of same length
c)    one third that of a prismatic bar of same length
d)    one fourth that of a prismatic bar of same length
Ans: c

10.    If a material has identical properties in all directions, it is said to be
a)    homogeneous
b)    isotropic
c)    elastic
d)    orthotropic
Ans: b

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Plz revise question no 58. in details, perhaps answer is differ..

Akula Prakash on 26 October 2015 at 06:00 said...

Q.No 5 Answer is A.) 0.5
(long. / hoop stress) = (pd/4t) / (pd/2t) = 0.5

Akula Prakash on 26 October 2015 at 06:26 said...

Q,No, 32 Rate of change of bending moment is equal to shear force (A)

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