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Railway Engineering - Civil Engineering Questions and Answers

1. The rail is designated by its
a)    length
b)    weight
c)    cross-section
d)    weight per unit length

Ans: d

2. Two important constituents in the com-position of steel used for rail are
a)    carbon and silicon
b)    manganese and phosphorous
c)    carbon and manganese
d)    carbon and sulfur

Ans: c

3. The standard length of rail for Broad Gauge and Meter Gauge are respectively
a)    12 m and 12 m
b)    12 m and 13 m
c)    13 m and 12 m
d)    13 m and 13 m
Ans: c

4. The  following tests  are  conducted  for rails:
i)    falling weight test
ii)   tensile test
iii) hammer test
The compulsory tests are
a)    only (i)
b)    (i)and(ii)
c)    (ii) and (iii)
d)    (i) and (iii)
Ans: b

5. Largest dimension of a rail is its
a)    height
b)    foot width
c)    head width
d)    any of the above
Ans: a

6.    Largest percentage of material in the rail is in its
a)    head
b)    web
c)    foot
d)    head and foot both
Ans: a

7.    The purpose of providing fillet in a rail section is to
a)    increase the lateral strength
b)    increase the vertical stiffness
c)    avoid the stress concentration
d)    reduce the wear
Ans: c

8.    The cross-sectional area of 52 kg flat footed rail is
a)    6155 mm2
b)    6615 mm2
c)    7235 mm2
d)    7825 mm2
Ans: b

9.    52 kg rails are mostly used in
a)    Broad Gauge
b)    Meter Gauge
c)    Narrow Gauge
d)    both (a) and (b)
Ans: a

10.    Tensile strength of steel used  in rails should not be less than
a)    450 MPa
b)    500 MPa
c)    700 MPa
d)    850 MPa
Ans: c

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