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Power Plant Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1.    The commercial sources of energy are
(a)     solar, wind and biomass
(b)     fossil fuels, hydropower and nuclear energy
(c)    wood, animal wastes and agriculture wastes
(d)    none of the above
Ans: b

(a)    wood, animal wastes and agriculture wastes
(b)    solar, wind and biomass
(c)    either (a) or (b)
(d)    neither (a) or (b)
Ans: a

3.    In India largest thermal power station is located at
(a)    Kota   
(b)    Sarni
(c)    Chandrapur     
(d)    Neyveli
Ans: c

4.    The percentage O2 by Veight in atmospheric air is
(a)    18%   
(b)    23%
(c)    77%   
(d)    79%
Ans: b

5.    The percentage 02 by volume in atmosphere air is
(a)    21%   
(b)    23%
(c)    77%   
(d)    79%
Ans: a

6.    The proper indication of incomplete combustion is
(a)    high CO content in flue gases at exit
(b)    high CO2 content in flue gases at exit
(c)    high temperature of flue gases
(d)    the smoking exhaust from chimney
Ans: a

7.    The main source of production of biogas is
(a)    human waste   
(b)    wet cow dung
(c)    wet livestock waste
(d)    all above
Ans: d

8.    India's first nuclear power plant was installed at
(a)    Tarapore   
(b)    Kota
(c)    Kalpakkam
(d)    none of the above
Ans: a

9.    In fuel cell, the ______ energy is converted into electrical energy.
(a)    mechanical       
(b)    chemical
(c)    heat   
(d)    sound
Ans: b

10.    Solar thermal power generation can be achieved by
(a)    using focusing collector or heliostates
(b)    using flat plate collectors
(c)    using a solar pond
(d)    any of the above system
Ans: d

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