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Measurement and Instrumentation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1. The use of _____ instruments is merely confined within laboratories as stand¬ardizing instruments.
(a)     absolute   
(b)     indicating
(c)     recording
(d)     integrating
(e)     none of the above
Ans: a

2. Which of the following instruments indicate the instantaneous value of the electrical quantity being measured at the time at which it is being measured ?
(a)    Absolute instruments
(b)    Indicating instruments
(c)    Recording instruments
(d)    Integrating instruments
Ans: b

3. _____ instruments are those which measure the total quantity of electricity delivered in a particular time.
(a)     Absolute   
(b)     Indicating
(c)     Recording   
(d)     Integrating
Ans: d

4.    Which of the following are integrating instruments ?
(a)     Ammeters   
(b)     Voltmeters
(c)    Wattmeters
(d)    Ampere-hour and watt-hour meters
Ans: d

5.    Resistances can be measured with the help of
(a)     wattmeters      
(b)     voltmeters
(c)    ammeters
(d)    ohmmeters and resistance bridges
(e)    all of the above
Ans: d

6   According to application, instruments are classified as
(a)     switch board    
(b)     portable
(c)     both (a) and (b)
(d)     moving coil
(e)     moving iron     
(f)     both (d) and (e)
Ans: c

7.    Which of the following essential features is possessed by an indicating instrument ?
(a)     Deflecting device
(b)     Controlling device
(c)    Damping device
(d)    All of the above
Ans: d

8.    A _____    device prevents the oscillation of the moving system and enables the latter to reach its final position quickly
(a)     deflecting   
(b)     controlling
(c)     damping   
(d)     any of the above
Ans: c

9.    The spring material used in a spring control device should have the following property.
(a)     Should be non-magnetic
(b)     Most be of low temperature co-efficient
(c)     Should have low specific resistance
(d)     Should not be subjected to fatigue
(e)     All of the above
Ans: e

10.    Which of the following properties a damping oil must possess ?
(a)    Must be a good insulator
(b)    Should be non-evaporating
(c)    Should not have corrosive action upon the metal of the vane
(d)    The viscosity of the oil should not change with the temperature
(e)    All of the above
Ans: e

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