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irrigation water resources engineering and hydrology questions and answers

1. Which of the following methods of applying water may be used on rolling land ?
a)    boarder flooding
b)    check flooding
c)    furrow flooding
d)    free flooding

Ans: a

2. The value of Sodium Absorption Ratio for high sodium water lies between
a)    0 to 10
b)    10 to 18
c)    18 to 26
d)    26 to 34

Ans: c

3. Optimum depth of kor watering for rice is
a)    135 mm
b)    165 mm
c)    190 mm
d)    215 mm
Ans: c

4. Irrigation water having the concentration of Na++ , Ca++ and Mg++ as 20, 3 and 1 Milli equivalent per litre respectively will be classified as
a)    low sodium water
b)    medium sodium water
c)    high sodium water
d)    very high sodium water
Ans: b

5.    The duty is largest
a)    at the head of water course
b)    on the field
c)    at the head of a main canal
d)    same at all places
Ans: b

6.    The "outlet discharge factor" is the duty at the head of
a)    main canal
b)    branch canal
c)    watercourse
d)    distributory
 Ans: c

7.    The kor depth for rice is 190 mm and kor period is 14 days. The outlet factor for this will be
a)    637 hectares/m3/sec
b)    837 hectares/m3/sec
c)    972 hectares/m3/sec
d)    1172 hectares/m3/sec
Ans: a

8.    For supplying water to rabi crop, kharif crop and sugarcane, the channel is designed for a capacity equal to the greater of the water requirement of
a)    rabi or kharif
b)    rabi and kharif or sugarcane
c)    rabi   and  sugarcane  or  kharif and sugarcane
d)    rabi or kharif or sugarcane
Ans: c

9.    The ratio of the quantity of water stored in the root zone of the crops to the quantity of water actually delivered in the field is known as
a)    water conveyance efficiency
b)    water application efficiency
c)    water use efficiency
d)    none of the above
Ans: b

10.    The water utilizable by plants is available in soils mainly in the form of
a)    gravity water
b)    capillary water
c)    hydroscopic water
d)    chemical water
Ans: b

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