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Industrial Drives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1.    The selection of an electric motor for any application depends on which of the following factors ?
(a)    Electrical characteristics
(b)    Mechanical characteristics
(c)    Size and rating of motors
(d)    Cost
(e)    All of the above
Ans: e

2.    For a particular application the type of electric-and control gear are determined by which of the following considerations ?
(a)    Starting torque
(b)    Conditions of environment
(c)    Limitation on starting current
(d)    Speed control range and its nature
(e)    All of the above
Ans: e

3.    Which ofthefollowingmotors is preferred for traction work ?
(a)     Universal motor
(b)     D.C. series motor
(c)    Synchronous motor
(d)    Three-phase induction motor

4   Which of the following motors always starts on load ?
(a)     Conveyor motor
(b)     Floor mill motor
(c)    Fan motor
(d)    All of the above
Ans: d

5    is preferred for automatic drives.
(a)     Squirrel cage induction motor
(b)     Synchronous motors
(c)    Ward-Leonard controlled D.C. motors
(d)    Any of the above
Ans: c

6. When the load is above _____ a synchronous motor is found to be more economical.
(a)     2 kW   
(b)     20 kW
(c)     50 kW   
(d)     100 kW
 Ans: d

7.    The load cycle for a motor driving a power press will be   
(a)     variable load
(b)     continuous
(c)    continuous but periodical
(d)    intermittent and variable load
Ans: d

8.    Light duty cranes are used in which of the following ?
(a)     Power houses
(b)     Pumping stations
(c)    Automobile workshops
(d)    All of the above
Ans: d

9.    While selecting an electric motor for a floor mill, which electrical characteristics will be of least significance ?
(a)    Running characteristics
(b)    Starting characteristics
(c)    Efficiency
(d)    Braking
Ans: d

10.   Which of the following motors are pre-ferred for overhead travelling cranes ?
(a)    Slow speed motors
(b)    Continuous duty motors
(c)    Short time rated motors
(d)    None of the above
Ans: c

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