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Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Nagpur road plan formula were prepared by assuming
a)    rectangular or block road pattern
b)    radial or star and block road pattern
c)    radial or star and circular road pattern
d)    radial or star and grid road pattern

Ans: d

2. Select the correct statement.
a)    Nagpur road plan formula take into account the towns with very large population.
b)    Nagpur road plan has a target road length of 32 km per 100 square km.
c)    Second 20-year plan has provided 1600 km of expressways out of the proposed National highway.
d)    Second 20-year plan allowed deduction of length of railway track in the area while calculating the length of roads.

Ans: c

3. The sequence of four stages of survey in a highway alignment is
a)    reconnaissance, map study, preliminary survey and detailed survey
b)    map study, preliminary survey, reconnaissance and detailed survey
c)    map study, reconnaissance, preliminary survey and detailed survey
d)    preliminary survey, map study, reconnaissance and detailed survey
Ans: c

4. The shape of the camber, best suited for cement concrete pavements, is
a)    straight line
b)    parabolic
c)    elliptical
d)    combination of straight and parabolic
Ans: a

5. For water bound macadam roads in localities of heavy rainfall, the recommended value of camber is
a)    1 in 30
b)    1 in 36
c)    1 in 48
d)    1 in 60
Ans: b

6. The stopping sight distance depends upon
a)    total reaction time of driver
b)    speed of vehicle
c)    efficiency of brakes
d)    all of the above
Ans: d

7. When the path travelled along the road surface is more than the circumferential movement of the wheels due to rotation, then it results in
a)    slipping
b)    skidding
c)    turning
d)    revolving
Ans: b

8. Coefficient of friction is less when the pavement surface is
a)    rough
b)    dry
c)    smooth and dry
d)    smooth and wet
Ans: d

9. The shoulder provided along the road edge should be
a)    rougher than the traffic lanes
b)    smoother than the traffic lanes
c)    of same colour as that of the pavement
d)    of very low load bearing capacity
Ans: a

10.    Camber in the road is provided for
a)    effective drainage
b)    counteracting the centrifugal force
c)    having proper sight distance
d)    none of the above
Ans: a

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very usefull question only one answer rong

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very usefull question only one answer rong

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