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Electrical Machine Design Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1. Which of the following is the major consideration to evolve a good design ?
(a)     Cost   
(b)     Durability
(c)    Compliance with performance criteria as laid down in specifications
(d)    All of the above
Ans: d
2    impose limitation on design.
(a)    Saturation
(b)    Temperature rise
(c)    Efficiency   
(d)     Power factor
(e)    All above
Ans: e

3.    The efficiency of a machine should be as ______    as possible to reduce the operating cost.
(a)     high   
(b)     low
(c)    either of the above
(d)    none of the above
Ans: a

4.    If an insulating material is operated beyond the maximum allowable temperature, its life is
(a)     drastically increased
(b)     drastically reduced
(c)      unaffected
(d)      none of the above
Ans: b

5.    The design of mechanical parts is particularly important in case of _____ speed machines.
(a)    low   
(b)    medium
(c)    high   
(d)    any of the above
Ans: c

6.    In induction motors, the length of air gap in kept as small as mechanically possible is order to have
(a)     low power factor
(b)     high power factor
(c)    high over load capacity
(d)    any of the above
Ans: b

7.    In ______ machines, the size of the shaft is decided by the critical speed which depends on the deflection of the shaft.
(a)     small   
(b)     medium
(c)     large   
(d)     any of the above.
Ans: c

8.    The length cf air gap to be provided in ______ is primarily determined by power factor consideration.
(a)     d.c. series motor .
(b)     d.c. shunt motor
(c)     induction motor
(d)    synchronous motor
Ans: c

9.   Electrical machines having a power output upto about 750 W may be called_______machines.
(a)    small size   
(b)    medium size
(c)    large size   
(d)    any of the above
Ans: a

10.    Electrical machines having power outputs ranging from a few kW upto approximately 250 kW may be classified as   
(a)     small size machines
(b)     medium size machines
(c)    large size machines
(d)    any ofthe above
Ans: b

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