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Electric Traction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1.    Which of the following is an advantage of electric traction over other methods of traction ?
(a)    Faster acceleration
(b)    No pollution problems   
(c)    Better braking action
(d)    All of the above
Ans: a
2.    Which of the following is the voltage for single phase A.C. system ?
(a)    22 V   
(b)    440 V
(c)    5 kV   
(d)    15 kV
(e)    None of the above
Ans: a

3.    Long distance railways use which of the    following ?
(a)    200 V D.C.
(b)    25 kV single phase A.C.    10.
(c)    25 kV two phase A.C.
(d)    25 kV three phase A.C.
Ans: b
4.    The speed of a locomotive is controlled by
(a)     flywheel   
(b)     gear box
(c)    applying brakes    11.
(d)    regulating steam flow to engine
Ans: b

5.    Main traction systems used in India are, those using
(a)    electric locomotives
(b)    diesel engine locomotives
(c)    steam engine locomotives
(d)    diesel electric locomotives
(e)    all of the above
 Ans: e

6, in India diesel locomotives are manu¬factured at
(a) Ajmer   
(b) Varanasi
(c) Bangalore   
(d) Jamalpur
Ans: b

7. For diesel locomotives the range of horsepower is
(a) 50 to 200   
(b) 500 to 1000
(c) 1500 to 2500     
(d) 3000 to 5000
Ans: c

8. _______ locomotive has the highest operational availability.
(a)    Electric   
(b)    Diesel
(c)    Steam
Ans: a

9. The horsepower of steam locomotives is
(a)      upto 1500   
(b)     1500 to 2000
(c)      2000 to 3000     
(d)     3000 to 4000
Ans: a

10. The overall efficiency of steam locomo¬tive is around
(a)    5 to 10 percent
(b)    15 to 20 percent
(c)    25 to 35 percent
(d)    35 to 45 percent
Ans: a

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