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Concrete Technology and Design of Concrete Structures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. To determine the modulus of rupture, the size of test specimen used is
a) 150 x150 x500 mm
b) 100 x100 x700 mm
c) 150 x150 x700 mm
d) 100 x100 x500 mm

Ans: c

2. The property of fresh concrete, in which the water in the mix tends to rise to the surface while placing and compacting, is called
a) segregation
b) bleeding
c) bulking
d) creep

Ans: b

3. Select the incorrect statement
a) Lean mixes bleed more as compared to rich ones.
b) Bleeding can be minimized by adding pozzuolana finer aggregate.
c) Bleeding can be increased by addition 'of calcium chloride.
d) none of the above

Ans: d

4. The property of the ingredients to separate from each other while placing the concrete is called
a) segregation
b) compaction
c) shrinkage
d) bulking

Ans: a

5. Workability of concrete is directly proportional to
a) aggregate cement ratio
b) time of transit
c) grading of the aggregate
d) all of above
Ans: c

6. Workability of concrete is inversely pro¬portional to
a) time of transit
b) 'vater-cement ratio
c) the air in the mix
d) size of aggregate
Ans: a

7. Approximate value of shrinkage strain in concrete, is
a) 0.003
b) 0.0003
c) 0.00003
d) 0.03
Ans: b

8.      Air entrainment in the concrete increases
a) workability
b) strength
c) the effects of temperature variations
d) the unit weight
Ans: a

9. The relation between modulus of rupture fcr, splitting strength fcs and direct tensile strength fcl is given by
a) tcr -rcs = tct
b) fcr>fcs>fc.
C)      fcr<fcs<fc>
d)      fc5>fcr>fC.
Ans: b

10. The approximate value of the ratio between direct tensile strength and flexural strength is
a) 0.33
b) 0.5
c) 0.75
d) 1.0
Ans: b

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