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Cables Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Preparation for Competition exams pdf

1.    The insulating material for a cable should have
(a)    low cost   
(b)    high dielectric strength
(c)     high mechanical strength
(d)    all of the above
Ans: d

2.    Which of the following protects a cable against mechanical injury ?
(a)     Bedding   
(b)     Sheath
(c)     Armouring   
(d)     None of the above
Ans: c

3.    Which of the following insulation is used in cables ?
(a)    Varnished cambric   
(b)    Rubber   
(c)     Paper
(d)     Any of the above
Ans: d

4.    Empire tape is
(a)    varnished cambric
(b)    vulcanised rubber
(c)     impregnated paper
(d)     none of the above
Ans: a

5. The thickness of the layer of insulation on the conductor, in cables, depends upon
(a)     reactive power
(b)     power factor
(c)    voltage
(d)    current carrying capacity
Ans: c

6. The bedding on a cable consists of
(a)     hessian cloth    
(b)     jute
(c)    any of the above
(d)    none of the above
Ans: c

7. The insulating material for cables should
(a)     be acid proof
(b)     be non-inflammable
(c)    be non-hygroscopic
(d)    have all above properties
Ans: d

8.    In a cable immediately above metallic sheath _____ is provided.
(a)     earthing connection
(b)     bedding   
(c)     armouring
(d)     none of the above
Ans: b

9.    The current carrying capacity of cables in D.C. is more thanthat in A.C. mainly due to
(a)     absence of harmonics
(b)     non-existence of any stability limit
(c)    smaller dielectric loss
(d)    absence of ripples
(e)    none of the above
Ans: c

10.   In case of three core flexible cable the colour of the neutral is
(a)     blue   
(b)     black
(c)    brown
(d)    none of the above
Ans: a

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