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Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics - Civil Engineering Questions and Answers pdf free download

1. A force P of 50 N and another force Q of unknown magnitude act at 90° to each other. They are balanced by a force of 130 N. The magnitude of Q is
a)    60 N
b)    80 N
c)    100 N
d)    120 N

Ans: d

2. If the resultant of two forces has the same magnitude as either of the force, then the angle between the two forces is
a)    30°
b)    45°
c)    60°
d)    120°   

Ans: d

3. A rod AB carries three loads of 30 N, 70 N and 100 N at distances of 20 mm, 90 mm and 150 mm respectively from A.
Neglecting the weight of the rod, the point at which the rod will balance is
a)    109.5 mm from A
b)    119.5 mm from A
c)    125.5 mm from A
d)    132.5 mm from A
Ans: a

4. The angles between two forces to make their resultant a minimum and a maximum respectively are
a)    0° and 90°
b)    180° and 90°
c)    90° and 180°
d)    180° and 0°
Ans: d

5. When two forces, each equal to P, act at 90° to each other, then the resultant will be
a)    P
b)    PV2
c)    P/V2
d)    2P
Ans: b

6. The resultant of two forces P and Q is R. If Q is doubled, the new resultant is perpendicular to P. Then,
a)    P = R
b)    Q = R
c)    P = Q
d)    None of the above is correct
Ans: b

7.    A cube on a smooth horizontal surface
a)    cannot be in stable equilibrium
b)    cannot be in neutral equilibrium
c)    cannot be in unstable equilibrium
d)    can be in any of these states
Ans: d

8.    The following is in unstable equilibrium
a)    a uniform solid cone resting on a generator on a smooth horizontal plane
b)    a uniform solid cone resting on its base on a horizontal plane
c)    a solid cube resting on one edge
d)    a satellite encircling the earth
Ans: c

9. A block in the shape of a parallelopiped of sides lm x 2m x 3m lies on the surface. Which of the faces gives maximum stable block ?
a)    1 m x 2 m
b)    2 m x 3 m
c)    1 m x 3m
d)    equally stable on all faces
Ans: b

10.    A uniform pyramid and a uniform prism of same height lie with their base on the surface. Which is more stable ?
a)    pyramid
b)    prism
c)    both equally stable
d)    none of the above
Ans: a

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